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Standing on the edge, but it's not stable, it's crumbling away inch by inch beneath my feet, below which, in the bottom of the abyssal fault an inky black mass of writhing shadows, cringing figures and choked off whimpers reach out for me with open arms, eager to comfort me in a way little else can.
At my back, far from the edge, an army gilded in gold marches on, shouting and baying and begging for me to return, arms raised and hands outstretched, but I shed all that gold and white a long time ago, and I'm not putting it back on. Black or gold, they're so unappealing.
I walk along the edge, looking down at the black hell below and occasionally glancing back at the golden pricks.
Would it matter either way? Would I care?  
I'll probably just fall in to the black.
I couldn't stand being gold if I tried.
:iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 3 10
Mature content
Hayden+Daemon Part III :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 2 0
Mature content
Hayden+Daemon Part II :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 2 0
Hayden+Daemon Part I
Daemon stood regally atop the roof of his Victorian Manor, a gentle summer breeze toying tauntingly with his crimson, shaggy tufts of hair. A target stood far to his right, whereas the edge of the roof was on his left. With a familiar tug, he materialized a Bowie knife from thin air, held it tightly between is thumb, forefinger, and middle finger, and flung it at a propped-up target. It spun for a few seconds, and struck close to the center dot, just below the tiny bull's-eye. A soft sigh left the one-man-army's lips. "Hmm..." He was about to pull another knife out of thin air, when Hayden sauntered out of the manor, looked up at him, and rolled her eyes, a frown setting into her face.
"What in the world are you doing up there?" she asked, the smallest hint of annoyance on the edge of her tone. He looked down at her on the ground. "Oh. Just practicing" He glanced back up and tossed one last knife, finally hitting the bull's eye. With a smirk he returned his gaze to her. "Oh, sounds lik
:iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 3 22
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Sanguine Bio :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 2 2
Mature content
Jubilex Bio :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 1 517
Mature content
KatrystoloXKatjaXGermany :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 2 8
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You set them loose, you bastard. :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 2 0
Katrystolo profile
Species: Demon
Age: Far over 3000 years old (Immortal, has forgotten his age.) Birth day, October 28th.
Description: skin an ashen-grey, black, unkempt, shoulder-length hair, eyes a blue-white icy color. Not overly-attractive. 6-feet 7-inches tall, with an athletic build. Often uses a British accent in his speech.
Personality: Quiet, friendly, witty, and insightful. Able to keep any secret handed to him, no exceptions. Enjoys reading, short walks in the park, handling money, and collecting souls. Oh, and sex is nice, if his partner can take it and give it. He is a Love enthusiast, not only because it is a wonderful seasoning for souls (in his opinion), but it also warms his decrepit heart to see a couple- any couple- living in Love. Enjoys pleasing his partners, and loves cats.
Background story: Millennium ago, he was the only son of a nobleman, residing in an ancient empire at the north pole for most of his human life. He had been betrothed to a woman his age by the name of Sarahfina
:iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 2 14
Mature content
He, She, and It :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 2 0
A Demonic Gentleman, and a Demonic Lady...
The Demonic Gentleman sat on a stone bench, relaxed yet Love-sick, whilst the Demonic Lady stood, pacing back and forth upon the sidewalk, enthralled with passion. It was evening, and they spoke together in a park.
-"Our souls are entwined in a way no one can possibly imagine," she said proudly
-"And let us hope it stays this way," he muttered, just as proud
-"Forever and Always," she responded, taking his hand.
-"Surely and truly," he smiled, standing
-"As the world falls down..." she whispered
-"With the sun following after," he softly said
-"And the stars falling like rain," she added
-"And the Bastards of Hell and The Denizens of Heaven," he chuckled
-"Our Love will survive," she stated truthfully, as convinced as he- that is, very much so
-"Surely and Truly, Forever and Always," he grinned
-"On and on," she purred
-"And on..." he finished proudly
And kissed her.
:iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 2 79
One-boy-army V
    I awake to a beam of bright, golden sunlight, shining across my cornea. I shutter my eyes, looking from the blaring morning light. I lazily turn my face to the right, out of the light, and slowly open my eyes; the room is bathed in honeyed light, and I once more feel a cloud of discontent begin weighing on my mind. I spare a glance at my grotesque right arm- it has a golden sheen to its black shell- and run its hand through my blood shade hair, sighing wistfully. I can feel Marina sleeping soundly atop me, her soft breaths tickling my bare chest. I peek down at her, a fond look on my otherwise grim countenance. I watch her for a time, admiring her features. I half expected her to turn to ashes in the sun's light, thanks to a few silly stories I had heard.... The only effect that I can notice is on her skin; she is no longer pale, but a ruddy, red color where the sunlight strikes her. With this in mind, I slip out from beneath her and over to the windows. With a swift hand, I close
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Mature content
One-boy-army IV :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 3 5
Mature content
Oh, woe is Eddy... :iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 0 70
Daemon Bio
Age: (Immortal, knows his age, will not tell)
Original species: Human
Current species: Advanced Human, occidi exercitus, one-man-army
Sex: "you were... sooo gooood... can you... can you carry me home?"
Gender: Male
Full name: Sir Daemon Ares Minervo (is a Vampyre Knight)
Status: Alive.
As Human: ruddy skin, with shaggy, spiney orange hair that cascaded down his neck, with hazel eyes.
As Advanced Human: Pale white skin, shaggy, spiney hair soaked red with blood of his first victims, eyes are pink when "not in war," during which they are a malevolent red.
Aquiline nose, deep set eyes, thin eyebrows, with an average, square chin.
Height: Varied, topped out at 12 feet 9 inches, used magic to shorten himself to 8 feet exactly.
Musculature: Athletic as a human, muscle-bound as a one-man-army.
Consumes: Food, human flesh, vital organs (on occasion).
Snide, self-confident, and embarrassed to be seen any where near humans. He all-around finds them unpleasant to look a
:iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 0 8
Katrystolo Bio
Age: Far over 3000 years old (Immortal, has forgotten his age.)
Original species: Human.
Secondary species: Advanced Human, occidi exercitus, one-man-army.
Tertiary species: Angel.
Current Species : Fallen Angel, Demon.
Sex: "ohmigod, you were amazing! Wanna go again later?"
Gender: Male.
Full name: Sir Katrystolo Kuit (was a Vampyre Knight.)
Status: Dead, reborn a Demon of Genocide and Frivolity. Is a Lich.
As Human: skin a shade darker than caramel, with long snow-white hair and forest green eyes.
As Advanced Human: Same skin, hair soaked red with blood, irises a metallic gold.
Currently: skin an ashen-grey, black  shortened hair, eyes a blue-white icy color.
Height: 5 feet 11 inches as a Human and as a Demon,
7 feet 11 inches as Advanced Human.
Musculature: Kept fit and lean with Demonic abilities.
Demonic Manifestation: A colossal, skinless, muscular man with grey-and-navy coloured flesh, navy blue bones, and a pair of same-shade, goat-like horns curling down from his
:iconkatrystolo:Katrystolo 1 21
Things, by me...
You liiiike???

Everything is all right~


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